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The Ronne Family of Antarctic Explorers

Information about Karen's Family - The Ronne Family - in the Antarctic, is at:


Penguins 51 Productions

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Mack Bailey

Singer, songwriter, Limeliters & Hard Travelers


Roaring Fork Mediation

Rachel Levy's mediation


Bill Danoff

Singer, songwriter, Music Hall of Fame


LPYC Corinthians

Boating Club in Lighthouse Point, Florida


Garden Folk Concerts

Folk Music Concert Series in Palm Beach Gardens



Hard Travelers

Folk music band


  Ronne Antarctic Explorers

Ronne family's heritage exploring Antarctica


Spa Creek Music

Music management organization


Starland Vocal Band

Grammy winning folk group


Karen Ronne Tupek

Personal site




Karen Ronne Tupek

Penguins 51 Productions


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