Karen's Custom Creative Cakes:

Baked and constructed in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Special Cake:  "Kransekake"

Norwegian / Scandinavian Wedding Cake

(but fabulous for any special occasion)

Made with ALMONDS, sort of like a soft marzipan cookie, but better





3-D Cakes

Sculpted and Stand-up



Sports Ball Cake - Baseball

Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Golf



Sculpted Graduation Cake

Any school colors

Christmas Tree Cake

(also available in a flat, sheet cake version)

Sports Ball Cake - Soccer

Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Golf


Sculpted Football Cake

Any team colors


Train Cake

Any Colors


Bear Cake

Panda or Teddy Bear



Cabbage Patch Doll Cake

Train Cake

Any Colors

Bunny Rabbit Cake



"Ariel" on a Sheet Cake

Garfield Cake

Frozen's ""Elsa"



Little Mermaid's "Ariel"

Beauty & the Beast's "Belle"




Aladin's "Jasmine"

Doll Cake

Cupcake Cake


The four Disney Princesses



              Ariel on Land Cake


Penguin Cake


Himalayan Cat Cake

Sweet Lamb

Penguin sitting on Iceberg Cake (3-D figure on top of a full sheet cake)


Stylized Unicorn Cake  (by request)


Baby Unicorn Cake for Baby to mash-up; larger cake for everyone else.

Surprise Inside:

Six rainbow colored layers with Confetti spilling out of the middle


Giant Cakes:


Huge cake of the Antarctic continent with fluffy icy icing, marked with lots of penguins and US flags at the American bases.  It also highlights Ronne Ice Shelf, named after my mother, "Antarctica's First Lady" whose birthday we were celebrating. Served about 60 people.


Cake made to introduce a new Logo for my Office at the Office of Facilities, Department of Veterans Affairs.  Cake took a week to make and required 15 cake mixes, required two strong guys to carry it, and measured 18' x 18' x 18'/  It served about 150 people.


Cake made for my son's Rehearsal Dinner; he was a rower and lots of guests were from his crew team.  So this is a racing crew shell, with penguins as the rowers.  Truthfully, I bought three sheet cakes at Costco, stripped them of icing and reconstructed the whole thing on a colored foam board.  I didn't have anywhere to bake new cakes.







Sheet Cakes:

(Flat w/ Designs)

Endless Possibilities!





Snare Drum Cake

Flower Cupcake

Cake Pop Bouquet





Peter Pan Cake

Forever Young



Pumpkin - Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Any of the turtle's colors

Ski and Tennis Theme




Grand Slam

Girl Scouts Logo


with "snowballs"


Guitar Cakes





  2002 - present by Karen Ronne Tupek