Cute Funny Video Shorts:  Going To Work on Monday


Going Home on Friday  - then watch:

Friday vs. Monday - both clips in one





Penguin Games Online:

Penguin Game "Smack the Penguin" - interactive

Sicker version of "Smack the Penguin" - interactive

Penguin Arcade Game - interactive

Shuffle The Penguin - interactive

The Penguin Conspiracy website

Pokey the Penguin Cartoons

Poke the Penguin - poke many times for results; repeat

Tobogganing Penguins carve your name in snow: <>




































Goofy Guys































Reminds me of our two cats, Martini and Kahlua.




Bears, Bears, Bears

Wishing you
In  your busy life ...

Time  for Relaxation

Good Sleep  

Good Health with Exercise

Someone to Dance With

A Bit of Adventure

Good Looks


 But Most of  All ...

I Wish You Lots of Bear Hugs.

The Comforts of Real Love


And Many Blessings...

May you always have love to share,
health to spare, and friends that care.

But watch out for those damn penguins!







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